It's a Journey

As Christians we're all on a journey - one that doesn't end until we're finally home with our Abba in Heaven. As someone who has so many health issues (2 small brain aneurysms, 2 noncancerous tumors, adrenal fatigue, and fibromatosis) I often have people offer to pray for me, which is great BUT what people don't understand is that praying for healing isn't what I need.

I know this sounds strange. You're probably wondering, "Don't you want to be healed?" "Don't you believe you can be healed?" Well, of course I want to be healed and I believe Jesus will do whatever He wants with my life.

I don't believe that Prayer is some sort of a "magic pill." I will never understand people who do believe that. What I do believe is that God will treat prayers for healing like a dose of Heavenly medicine and give you what He wants from it. For instance, I had a pastor pray for my pain and it's been down a lot ever since but I've had other people pray for me and I've felt peace, not healing. Does that mean they're prayers aren't as worthy or that God isn't working through them? No, of course not. God says in Matthew 17:20 (NLV) "if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to over there,’ and it would move over. You will be able to do anything." That "anything" is "anything" He wills... He's not going to give us something we can't handle or aren't ready for. He's also not going to give us something He doesn't feel is right for our lives because He's our Abba and knows and does what's best for us.