Facing Medical Anxiety

Life isn't always easy. In fact, I posted this on my FaceBook wall yesterday...

I have Adrenal Fatigue and it's a life threatening disease. People wonder why there's only about 4 people I talk to on a regular basis... This is what I deal with... This is why I literally RUN from conflict... I don't do conflict in my personal life anymore because it could kill me and I'm FAR too important in God's eyes for that! You want to argue over lunacy and NOTHING, I take off. I simply cannot handle unnecessary stress. My body won't tolerate it and says “NO!” Sorry, but my health comes before your DRAMA. You don't have to believe me... Choose to believe what you want but now you know why I drop people like clothes that no longer fit, #sorrynotsorry

However, there's one truth that will prevail. God always has my back.

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This is a verse that's comforting me today as I realized that I really do face a lot of anxiety when it comes to my medical stuff. It's a burden that I have to learn to live with BUT I don't have to live with it alone and for that I'm more than thankful.

Each day I get up I have a choice whether I'm going to do this alone or with God. If I don't want to carry around this anxiety, the answer is simple: Seek God... As Billy Graham said when asked about how he prepared for his missions, "Prayer, prayer, prayer." May the Lord give me this spirit too, AMEN.



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