God has a sense of humor!

God only gives us what we need, even when we don't think it's what's best for us we must trust God to know what's best for us... That's why He's our Abba. Anything outside of this is a lie ...

God gives us the power of faith and power over sickness... In Him we are truly powerful. I'm thankful to have found peace in the midst of this medical debacle. I trust that in weakness I am made whole because I am pressed to rest in Him and Him alone. This is especially true for me as the doctors can't really do much but every time someone asks me I say this doesn't scare me because it doesn't. Why? Because I have the ultimate healer on my side and Satan won't "stop me in my steps." I'm here for a purpose and God will give me the rest and happiness I need to accomplish that purpose. I trust the statement: "Fear he is a liar!"

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