Happy 2019!!!

It's been a LONG journey, one where I often feel isolated, alone, and like I'm the one who has to play doctor. I find myself seeking God more today than I ever have before - being blessed to get saved the summer before getting sick and baptized November 3, 2018 when all this started hitting me. From then on I've been progressively getting worse and yet every time I try to turn my head and go my own way, God brings me closer and deeper. He's my loving Abba who I am enjoying getting to know; who I'm fortunate to live another year to have this opportunity to get to know Him better. Nevertheless, no human can truly understand how sick I am and how tired I am of being sick. I hold it all in and cry out to Him and Him alone, which is why I'm thankful for the word He gave me today, New Year's day 2019, after having chosen "health" to be my word of the year last night. Now I know for sure this is my word and this is my journey this year. God spoke to me and for that I'm forever grateful.