Trusting God When Life Doesn't Make Sense

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Suffering is all in the way you look at it. I used to be the person who couldn't believe that someone was truly happy/content when battling a chronic illness but now that person is me... Whether what my physical body is now going through is due to 40+ years of suffering (e.g. rape survivor, emotionally abusive childhood) or not, I can still choose to have God help me look at it in a way that this world cannot understand. However, I understand that I have eternity to enjoy a physically healthy body and that hope/promise is what I choose to focus on to make it through just one more day on this Earth.

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Now as I enter into yet another hospital in hopes of getting my physical body under control for a bit longer while I still reside on this Earth, I ask for your prayers... Prayers for healing - for God to guide the doctors who are overseeing me - for peace so I can boldly minister to anyone I come in contact with - for care and protection for my nonChristian daughter who's left to fend for the house and herself during this time and is growing weary though won't admit it - any and all prayers greatly appreciated!