The Truth of the Saying "You grow through what you go through" as found in John 9:3

After wondering why I haven't heard God's voice for a while, I stopped and realized it's because I don't sit still and listen. Then I sat still and listened and here's what I heard today...

Sometimes you hold yourself back/down by taking on the weight of the world when only Jesus is meant to carry that weight. Sometimes there are things that are hard to let go, people who are hard to forgive, toxins in your environment that are difficult to release. You have to learn to do so though... Otherwise you're poisoning your whole life.

This isn't only a verse that was meant for His glory, but also for your good. Releasing things that are toxic is the only way to let God have his way in your life. It's the only way to

It's also the only way to realize the truth in John 9:3:

God is there to fight for us so we really don't need to wage war on our own. The sooner we figure this out and move forward, the healthier we will be.