My "Medication" List

Vitamin D - 2000 mg / day - before breakfast
improvements in blood levels of thyroid stimulating hormone
reduces insulin resistance
reduces blood pressure
Iron 150 - 200 mg /day - before breakfast
lowers blood pressure
provides energy

good gut health - help with digesting protein so I can eat more of it

Zinc - 50 mg/day @ breakfast
metabolizes thyroid
decreases desire for salt - keeping blood pressure in check
promotes healthy insulin function, providing natural blood sugar control
helps you have a good balance of oestrogen and progesterone
provides energy

vitamin E 800mg/day - breakfast & dinner
reduce the oxidative stress caused by hypothyroidism
improve blood pressure status
improves glycemic control
keeps equilibrium within the hormones of the body

vitamin c 1000mg/day - breakfast & night
energizes vitamin e and iron
reduces blood pressure
helps with oxidative stress
role in hormone production

Magnesium 500mg - night
Gallbladder health